Yesterday, it was just an idea. Today, it’s a fast-growing company. Who knows where tomorrow will take us!

Our history

To seek out and provide premium quality expired domain names.
This is the challenge that drove Tristan Colombet to create DomRaider in the summer of 2013.
The entrepreneur was quick to grasp the importance of secondary market domain names and their extraordinary business potential. He began by setting up a small team of developers tasked with designing an algorithm that could identify and purchase domain names immediately after they expired. This involved catching” domain names as soon as they became available, an activity popularly referred to as ‘dropcatching’, snapping or backordering.
Four years later, DomRaider is a hyper-growth startup. In just one year, our team has tripled in size and currently boasts a 35-strong workforce.


moments that matter


Creation of the company.


Granting of AFNIC accreditation.
Launch on the .fr market.


Achievement of record sales for a domain name: 7,000€.


First fund raising effort to the tune of two million Euros.


Launch of the new platform and development on an international scope.

It all began with Dropcatching!

With DomRaider, retrieving a domain name has never been easier.
Our platform is the best solution for recovering and expanding superb domain names.

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Key Figures

Keep it up

N° 1

Leader on the .fr market

600 000

Number of .fr estimated to be released every month


The starting price for a domain name, an exclusive feature of

20 000

The number of transactions over the last 24 months


The number of extensions on offer, including .fr and .com


Number of domain name auctions held each week


We have received accreditation from international registries for 27 extensions (.fr, .com, .net, .eu, etc.), as well as from ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), the global authority regulating over 330 million domain names worldwide.

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