Why you should join DomRaider

Working Conditions

Flourishing in a Great Environment

Compensation Policy

A vacation bonus applies, with full payment in July.
At DomRaider, when we win, everyone wins: a stock ownership system is part of the compensation package. Everybody benefits when the company succeeds.
Wages are revised as the company grows… Which is happening quickly!

Training Policy

Individual training, group training, training workshop with outside instructors, training workshop led by our own team, gaining skills and ongoing learning are part of what we aim for.

Collective Bargaining Agreement

Syntec Collective Bargaining Agreement – “Bureaux d’études techniques, cabinets d’ingénieurs-conseils et sociétés de conseils” – Brochure #3018

Autonomy & Work Flexibility

Flexible hours, telecommuting possible, adjustments, and responsibilities. These are the ingredients for a good balance between work life and personal ife.

Great Work Environment

Free coffee (or tea), friendly spaces, good amenities… we have gathered all things to creat the best work environment to keep every employees happy and productive.

Paid Leave & Absences

5 weeks of paid leave, i.e. 30 working days.
DomRaider offers a 6th week of open paid leave!

Innovative Techs

Check our  Stackshare

A small bonus

Breakfast, impromptu team means, new food truck to test, organic delivery basket, brand-new coffee machine; in short, every excuse you need to share a friendly moment and a bite to eat!